Amber Rudd urges public "not to rush to judgement" on Grenfell Tower fire

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The home secretary praised the emergency services for their response (Source: Getty)

Home secretary Amber Rudd has urged the public not to "rush to judgement" about the causes of a fire at Grenfell Tower which killed at least 17 people.

Writing in the Evening Standard, Rudd said:

If there are lessons to be learned we will learn them. This country has a proud reputation for having some of the most rigorous fire safety regulations in the world and we need to establish how such a tragedy could have occurred in a major capital in the early 21st century.

Her comments come after Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a full inquiry into the tragedy. Politicians have called for answers after it emerged that residents had warned that the building was hazardous as early as 2013.

The home secretary also praised the emergency services and said: "We will stay strong for everyone affected and not be afraid to ask vital questions to ensure this can never happen again."

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