Guy Verhoftstadt says Britain faces a 'new Europe' if it changes course on Brexit

Helen Cahill
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Verhofstadt has called for negotiations to start (Source: Getty)

Guy Verhofstadt has said that if Britain shifts its position on Brexit it will be confronted with a "new Europe".

Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's Brexit negotiator, has become vocal about his views on Brexit on Twitter, and today added to a series of tweets he sent out yesterday on how Britain can still change its mind on Brexit.

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Pointing to a speech he made in the EU parliament yesterday, he said: "If Britain changes its mind, it will find an open door. But it will be a new door to a new Europe."

Yesterday, he outlined five "pressing questions" that needed to be answered in Brexit negotiations, and said that talks urgently needed to start because "citizens and companies on both sides of the channel deserve clarity and certainty".

However, the start date of the negotiations remains in question.

Talks were initially billed to start on 19 June, but the government has only committed to starting talks some time next week due to the delay in the Queen's speech.

Officials have now confirmed that the Queen's speech has been pushed back by two days, and will take place on 21 June. However, there has been no update on whether Brexit talks will start before or after that date.

Meanwhile, the EU 27 nations are planning to sit down at a meeting on 22 June to discuss progress on the negotiations, but with the start date in flux, it's unclear how much they will have to discuss.

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