Transport for London's created an AI-powered chatbot to give you travel advice

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Talk to a chatbot for train timetables (Source: Getty)

You can now ask a chatbot what time your next train or bus is due in a new initiative from Transport for London.

It's embracing the latest technology to bring travellers on the Tube, trains and buses of the capital travel advice in the form of bus times and Tube maps without human help.

People can ask TfL's travelbot for travel information using Facebook Messenger, chatting to it just like they would with a friend.

The automated responses are also powered by artificial intelligence so the more people who use it the more it will learn from responses to give more accurate information.

"Millions of people already use our Journey Planner and social media channels to help them get around London, and we are constantly seeking new ways to make the process even easier," said Sashi Verma, head of customer experience at TfL.

"This TravelBot will make it simpler for people using Messenger to get the information they need as they move around the city. We think that this initial version will be a major step forward in how we provide travel information to our customers and we look forward to their feedback to help us improve the product over time.”

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