Guy Verhofstadt says the EU is "impatiently" waiting for the UK's negotiating position on Brexit

Caitlin Morrison
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Guy Verhofstadt says the EU is growing impatient waiting for the UK to start negotiating (Source: Getty)

The European Parliament's point man for Brexit talks said this morning the EU is growing impatient as it waits to learn the UK government's negotiating position.

Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian leader who was appointed in September to lead the European Parliament's side of negotiations, issued a series of comments on the "current uncertainty" in the UK following last week's General Election.

"Brexit isn't just about the Tories leaving the EU, it's about the whole UK," he said. "Everyone's voice should be heard."

It's not the first time influential MEP has called for a speedy negotiation process: in September last year, before Article 50 had been triggered, Verhofstadt said Brexit "should be delivered before 2019".

Verhofstadt was an outspoken supporter of the Remain side before the EU referendum, and since the Brexit vote has said he wants to find a way to allow UK citizens to keep their EU membership rights.

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