Commuters face Blackfriars Bridge gridlock as new security barriers cause havoc on cycle superhighway six route

Rebecca Smith
Congestion this morning at Blackfriars Bridge
Congestion this morning at Blackfriars Bridge (Source: Natalia Marczewska)

New barriers put in place on Blackfriars Bridge to up security in the wake of the Westminster and London Bridge terror attacks are causing significant congestion for cyclists and pedestrians.

While cyclists have said the security barriers are a good idea in principle, and should be in place, they have flagged issues with the current set-up, which they say needs changing. This morning, queues built as cyclists had to pass through in single file.

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Issues raised include the bus lane becoming unusable, with the bike highway and footway heavily congested.

Natalie Marczewska, who was passing through this morning, said while congestion started last week it was getting worse as the weather improved. As well as causing delays for those trying to get across, Marczewska said it was also "more dangerous for all traffic".

Fences were put in place on Westminster Bridge, as well as on Waterloo and Lambeth bridges, with barriers set up last week at Blackfriars Bridge, on the route of cycle superhighway six.

The measures have been taken in an effort to protect pedestrians after the Westminster attack in March and the London Bridge attack earlier this month, where people were rammed by cars on Westminster Bridge and London Bridge. The Westminster attack left five dead, while eight were killed in the terrorist attack on 3 June.

The Metropolitan place reviewed all 33 of London's bridges, introducing the barriers as "increased security measures", and Transport for London (TfL) and the Met are working to assess how to reduce the impact they are having on both pedestrians and cyclists, without undermining what the barriers are in place for.

A TfL spokesperson said:

The Met has installed barriers to increase security on London’s busiest bridges.

We are working with them to ensure that these barriers affect cyclists and pedestrians as little as possible, while ensuring the security of all road users.

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