Kalanick's days at the helm of Uber may be numbered following take-up of the Holder report – sources

Lucy White
Uber Travis Kalanick
Travis Kalanick has faced criticism over the working culture at Uber (Source: Getty)

Uber's infamous chief executive Travis Kalanick is likely to take a leave of absence from the ride-hailing company, a source has told Reuters, although no final decision has yet been made.

Senior vice president and close Kalanick ally Emil Michael has left the company, the source added.

A spokesperson for Uber said that Wan Ling Martello, a Nestle executive and Alibaba board member, would join as an independent director.

Michael will be replaced as the company's top business development executive by David Richter, currently another vice president.

Although Kalanick's leave is as yet unconfirmed, it may not come as a surprise. The often abrasive chief executive has taken hits over the way he runs the company, after several former employees complained of sexual harassment and a “bro culture” and Kalanick himself was filmed berating a driver.

The complaints proved impossible to sweep under the rug, as Uber last year brought in former US Attorney General Eric Holder to run an investigation into the company.

Uber's board said on Sunday that it had unanimously decided to implement all of Holder's recommendations, although the firm has so far declined to comment on what these might be

According to Reuters, Kalanick and two allies on the board currently have voting control of the company.

Sources say that his forceful personality and super-voting shares have won him broad boardroom deference in the past, and any decision to leave would ultimately be his.

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