EU leaders meet to discuss Brexit without Prime Minister Theresa May on anniversary of EU referendum

Helen Cahill
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There might not be much to discuss (Source: Getty)

EU leaders are preparing to meet without Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss the Brexit negotiations on the one-year anniversary of the EU referendum.

On 22-23 June, the EU Council will convene to discuss migration, security, jobs, and Brexit.

May will attend the summit, which will be her first meeting with EU leaders since the UK election. However, she will be excluded from an after-dinner meeting, when the EU27 nations will discuss the progress of Article 50 talks.

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It is not yet clear how far Brexit negotiations will have progressed by the time the EU Council meets, however. Negotiations were due to start on 19 June, and European politicians have said they are ready to sit down with Britain.

However, the outcome of UK election has thrown the negotiation start date into question. Brexit secretary David Davis said today that talks might not start on 19 June, but will most likely start on that week.

Davis said the delay was due to a clash of with the Queen's speech at Westminster, which will mark the official return to business in parliament. However, the Queen's speech may also be delayed. The timing of the speech is yet to be confirmed by Andrea Leadsom, the new leader of the House of Commons.

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