PwC launches technology degree in attempt to future-proof the UK workforce

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PwC today launched a technology degree apprenticeship to give young people from a broader range of backgrounds the chance to secure a career in technology.

Some 80 students will start the 2018/19 academic year by combining university life with practical work-based technology projects at PwC. The four-year course will be taught out of the University of Birmingham and the University of Leeds.

The Big Four accountancy firm said the scheme will be one of the first and largest examples of the new Level 6 Degree apprenticeship scheme.

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Students could well be the envy of their cash-strapped peers at the start of term. They’ll receive a salary from the start of the course and be a fully-fledged employee throughout, so long as they meet certain performance criteria.

PwC chairman and senior partner Kevin Ellis said the apprenticeships will “open up these careers to a wider range of students from across the country”.

He added:

For the UK to prosper post-Brexit we need to invest in creating a vibrant tech sector right across the country and more people with the skills needed to help businesses transform.

“The demand for technology advice is rapidly increasing, while the pool of available tech talent is shrinking and could be impacted further by Brexit.”

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