Emboldened Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson calls on Tories to look again at Brexit ambitions

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Davidson said the UK must aim for an "open Brexit" after the election (Source: Getty)

Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has reacted to the party's poor nationwide election performance with a call for Tories to re-think plans for Brexit, raising the prospect of a rebellion north of the border.

Scotland was one of the few territories which yielded success for the Conservatives at the General Election, with the Tories securing 12 new seats for a total of 13 Westminster MPs.

And Davidson has responded by flexing her newly-established political muscle with a demand for Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans to be "re-opened".

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Speaking yesterday, Davidson - who has been tipped as a future party leader in some quarters - insisted that free trade was more important than immigration as she called for an "open Brexit".

"What's really clear is that the Conservative Party, having failed to win a majority, now needs to work with others.

"And that means that we can look again at what it is we want to achieve as we leave the European Union, and I want to be involved in those discussions," Davidson said.

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Of her call to prioritise free trade over harsh new migration rules, she said: "That's about making sure that we tear down barriers, rather than put them up."

Scottish Conservatives are expected to take the Tory whip at Westminster, but Davidson also said she expected MPs from north of the border to "vote entirely as they believe they should".

It comes with May's position under increasing scrutiny from within her own party. One survey this weekend showed that two-thirds of Tories believe that their leader should now step down to allow for a leadership election to take place.

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