In pictures: Anti-DUP protesters gather in London to pressure Conservative leader Theresa May

Courtney Goldsmith
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Demonstrators Protest Against Conservative Alliance With The DUP
Demonstrators gathered in London to protest talks between the Conservative party and the DUP (Source: Getty)

Several hundred protesters gathered in central London for the second day in a row to voice opposition against the Conservative government's plan to form an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), according to reports.

People were gathered in Parliament Square before heading to Downing Street with anti-DUP and pro-Jeremy Corbyn signs, according to the Press Association.

Organisers like Stand Up to Racism and the Stop the War Coalition were said to be speaking to the crowd.

This comes after a petition to stop talks gathered more than half a million signatures in one day due to the party's hard-line stance on social issues like gay marriage and abortion.

Here are photos from today's demonstration:

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