General Election 2017 results: The 11 locations where MPs won with the smallest of margins for a majority

Lynsey Barber
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Many constituencies were close run between the top two parties (Source: Getty)

1. Fife North East

Closer than close as one mid 90s pop song once put it, this Scottish constituency came down to just two - yes two - votes. After three recounts, just to make sure, the SNP's Stephen Gethins held onto this seat triumphing over the Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate Janet Riches.

2. Perth and North Perthshire

Here, 21 votes stood between the candidates and meant the SNP held onto another seat against a good attempt by the Conservatives. Pete Wishart beat Ian Duncan.

3. Dudley North

Just 22 votes let Labour hold on against a challenge from the Conservatives. Ukip lost 18 per cent of the vote which boosted both parties: the Tory vote grew 16 per cent and the Labour vote by five per cent.

4. Newcastle-under-Lyme

Labour increased its majority by 10 per cent, but the Conservatives did so by 11 per cent. That resulted in just a 30 vote win for Paul Farrelly over Owen Meredith.

5. Southampton Itchen

‚ÄčAnd 31 votes were in it down south, with the Tories' Royston Smith just about holding on to their majority up against Labour's Simon Letts.

6. Richmond Park

This much-watched constituency came down to just 45 votes, going in favour of boomerang MP Zac Goldsmith over newcomer Sarah Olney who has only been there for six months.. Two recounts took place to make sure.

7. Crewe and Nantwich

Labour surged ahead here taking the seat from the Conservative's with only 48 votes in it. Laura Smith triumphed over Edward Timpson.

8. Glasgow South West

The SNP grasped onto a majority with 60 votes for its candidate Chris Stephens, beating Labour's Mat Kerr.

9. Glasgow East

There are 70 votes giving the SNP a hold on its majority here. David Linden managed to keep Labour's Kate Watson at bay after losing 18 per cent on the previous election.

10. Arfon

And in Wales, Plaid Cymru's majority shrank to just 92 ahead of Labour which gained more than 10 per cent of the vote and giving it a run for its money. Hywel Williams beat Mary Griffiths Clarke.

11. Kensington

Still unknown, this London borough could swing either way and bring a major upset if goes to Labour.

A third recount has been postponed because the counters need to rest and a final result is expected on Saturday. The two counts that did take place indicated it is "very close". Just how close we'll have to wait to find out.

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