General Election 2017: Most surprising wins and losses

Caitlin Morrison
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Theresa May probably isn't feeling like a winner today (Source: Getty)

The results have been coming in thick and fast overnight, and there have been enough shockers to keep it interesting.

These are some of the most surprising wins and losses, by party:

Liberal Democrats

Loser: Nick Clegg

Yes, the former Lib Dem leader and deputy prime minister has lost his seat in Sheffield Hallam, to Jared O'Hara of the Labour party, in possibly the biggest shock of the night. "You live by the sword and you die by the sword," was the way in which Clegg summed up his feelings in the early hours of Friday.

Winner: Vince Cable

This might take the sting out of Clegg's loss – the former business secretary has got his old Twickenham seat back.


Losers: Gavin Barwell, Jane Ellison, Simon Kirby, Ben Gummer and Nicola Blackwood

A number of Tory ministers were ousted in the election including health minister Blackwood, and the author of the party's manifesto.

Winners: Amber Rudd

​She's a surprise winner only in that it took so long to confirm and came so close to going the other way.


Losers: Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson

The former Scottish First Minister and party leader and the current deputy leader of the SNP have both lost their seats.

Winners: N/A

The party has gone from 56 seats won in 2015 to 34.


Losers: Ukip

The party has been wiped out: leader Paul Nuttall failed to gain the Boston and Skegness seat, prompting him to resign. No winners here.


Winners: Jeremy Corbyn

Winning in his own constituency with a huge majority, the Labour leader will be feeling pretty pleased with the party's performance this morning.

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