General Election 2017: Former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has lost his Westminster seat to the Conservatives

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Exit polls have the UK on course for a hung parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party (Source: Getty)

Former Scottish first minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond has lost his Westminster seat in the General Election, following SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson out of parliament.

Robertson also lost his seat to the Conservatives overnight, and now Salmond has been replaced by Conservative candidate Colin Clark.

Salmond was one of a wave of Scottish National Party candidates elected in 2015, but loses his seat after a swing to the Tories.

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The former SNP leader's own majority of more than 8,000 has been converted to a Conservative lead of 2,607.

The Scottish party has lost seats to all sides in the 2017 election, with former Lib Dem minister Jo Swinson among the beneficiaries.

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