General Election 2017: Portsmouth South just went Labour for the first time ever taking the seat from the Conservatives

Rebecca Smith
The votes are coming in thick and fast
The votes are coming in thick and fast (Source: Getty)

Portsmouth South has just gone red for the first time since the creation of the seat in 1918.

Last time round, Labour came third.

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Labour's Stephen Morgan won the seat off of Conservative Flick Drummond, overturning a 5,241 majority and taking 18,290 votes. In 2015 Labour had come behind both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Until 2015, the seat was a Lib Dem one.

Canterbury has also gone to the Labour party, which has been Conservative since 1918. The turnout there was 72.77 per cent, the highest in recent times as Labour snatched it with a majority of 187. Labour's Rosie Duffield becomes the MP for that constituency now.

Previously, Julian Brazier had been the Conservative MP for the constituency since 1987.

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