Updated election forecasts leave the door open for Theresa May's Tories to form government

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Theresa May Campaigns In Constituencies In The South West
Earlier tonight exit polls had predicted the UK was set for a hung parliament (Source: Getty)

Theresa May's Conservatives could still form a government in this week's General Election according to updated election forecasts.

The exit poll put May's Tories as the largest party, but falling just over 10 seats short of a majority, leaving the UK facing a hung parliament.

However, with both the BBC and Sky News updating their forecasts, it remains possible for the Tories to form a government.

Under the UK's system, parties must reach 323 to be secure a majority, and new figures BBC predict the Tories will secure 322.

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This would leave the door open for the party to do a deal with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, allowing it to push through a Budget and Queen's Speech.

Sky News has also updated its own numbers, predicting the Tories could secure anywhere between 308 and 328 seats.

Similarly, ITV News is predicting the Conservatives will reach a total of 320.

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