Clacton has just gone to the Conservatives as Ukip lose seat previously held by Douglas Carswell and come third behind Labour

Rebecca Smith
Oakley lost out on keeping Clacton for Ukip
Oakley lost out on keeping Clacton for Ukip (Source: Getty)

Clacton, the constituency formerly represented by Ukip's Douglas Carswell has fallen to the Conservatives, with Ukip finishing third behind the Labour party.

Ukip collected just 3,357 votes, with Conservatives romping to victory with 27,031, and Labour with 11,203 votes.

Carswell represented Clacton until 3 April, having left Ukip to sit as an independent. When Theresa May called a snap election Carswell said he would not contest the election.

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Instead, Paul Oakley stood for the seat, but lost to Conservative Giles Watling, with Labour's Natasha Osben in second.

The survey taken at polling stations across the UK suggested the Tories could get 314 MPs when all the results have been counted from the election.

Labour would get 266, the Lib Dems 14, Ukip none and the SNP 34, the GFK/Ipsos MORI poll for BBC/ITV/Sky suggests.

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