General Election 2017: George Osborne says Theresa May and the Conservatives are facing a "completely catastrophic" night

Rebecca Smith
Osborne has appeared on ITV tonight
Osborne has appeared on ITV tonight (Source: Getty)

Former chancellor and current editor of the Evening Standard George Osborne has said the Conservatives are facing a "completely catastrophic" night if the exit poll is correct.

Speaking on ITV tonight, he said: "If the poll is anything like accurate, this is completely catastrophic for the Conservatives and for Theresa May. It's difficult to see, if these numbers were right, how they would put together the coalition to remain in office."

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He added that the situation was "on a real knife-edge" as it was also difficult to gauge how Labour would put together the numbers needed either.

The UK faces a hung parliament following today's general election according to the shocking results of tonight's exit poll.

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Conservative leader Theresa May called the election in mid-April hoping to expand her working majority of 17, but a survey of voters suggests the party faces the humiliating prospect of losing seats instead.

The Conservatives are predicted to win 314 seats, down from 330 at the end of the last parliament.

By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party is forecast for a total of 266, having held 229 when parliament was dissolved.

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