General Election 2017: Polling has now closed as exit poll signals Conseratives are not on track for a majority

Rebecca Smith
Time is up
Time is up (Source: Getty)

That's it folks: the polls for the 2017 General Election are now officially closed.

The first exit poll has the the Conservatives on track for 314 seats; not enough for a majority, which suggests we could be on track for a hung parliament.

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As for which constituency to look out for first, the counters of Houghton and Sunderland are famously speedy, declaring before 11pm last time round. Also fast in 2015 were Sunderland Central, North Swindon and Tooting - for a full compilation of the 10 fastest constituencies to declare and the 10 slowest, check out our roundup here.

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What happens after that? Well, the results start trickling in and if a majority is looking likely, we should get a clearer picture around 4am. By 6am-7am, the majority of constituencies will have declared, so stay tuned for more insight then.

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