General Election 2017: Here are the most eccentric polling stations from across the UK

Helen Cahill
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Plenty of dogs, horses and cats have been turning up at polling stations around the country (Source: Getty)

There's nothing like a British polling station.

As the UK takes part in the election today, Britons will be voting in schools, churches and town halls across the country.

But there are plenty of more eccentric sites where voters will be exercising their democratic right. Here are some of the best:

A swimming pool

Any angry voters in Arundel who felt the need to cool down could hop into the lido after casting their vote.

Arundel Lido (Source: Getty)

A fire station

Some Londoners have been voting in a former fire station.

British Voters Go To The Polls In The 2017 General Election
A former fire station in London (Source: Getty)

A launderette

It will be a long day for people helping in the polling station, so why not let them wait somewhere where they can get their washing done? In Headington, Oxford, a launderette and nail bar has been set up with a ballot box.

A launderette and nail bar in Headington, Oxford (Source: Getty)

Someone's garage

A handful of citizens have been offering up their private property as polling stations. In Croydon, one Londoner opened up their garage to the public.

Polling station in Croydon, south London (Source: Getty)

A boxing club

Some voters in Kingston-Upon-Hull have the fortune of voting in a boxing club, perfect for those feeling frustrated by the election campaign and needing to let off some steam.

Boxing club, Kingston-upon-Hull (Source: Getty)

A windmill

In West Blatchington, near Brighton, voters will be casting their votes in a windmill. The windmill dates back to the 1820s and is a Grade II listed building.

West Blatchington Windmill, near Brighton (Source: Getty)

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