General Election 2017: The 10 best quotes of campaigning from Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Ukip

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Tim Farron Delivers An Election Campaign Speech At A Housing Charity
The campaign trail has been ruff for eveyone (Source: Getty)

It's been a whirlwind eight weeks that might seem more like an eternity for some, depending on your political persuasions.

In such a short time, we've had enough soundbites, snippets and foots in mouth, to dine out on memes for the rest of the year. It's a shame we didn't have longer... only kidding! Though we'll obviously be awaiting next year's vote, whatever that may inevitably turn out to be, for some fresh zingers.


Boris kept a low profile, but resurfaced to show he was still a walking talking nineteenth century dictionary.

Mutton-headed old mugwump

Boris Johnson


The Lib Dem leader gave birth to a meme worthy of Alan Partridge.

Smell my spaniel

Tim Farron


Labour's shadow foreign secretary turned Sunday morning airwaves blue directing her ire at Michael Fallon in a lively spat.


Emily Thornberry


The Labour leader doesn't get mad. No word on whether he gets even.

I’m Monsieur Zen

Jeremy Corbyn


Theresa May faced down the notoriously tough journalist in a live debate. He didn't go lightly on her.

She’s a blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire

Jeremy Paxman


And neither did the audience: one member was not satisfied with the Prime Minister's answer at all... much to the delight of the internet turning it into an instant meme.

"That's bollocks"

"That's bollocks"

Leaders debate audience member


The shadow home secretary made a bizarre analogy when asked her views on the IRA.

I don't have the same hairstyle, I don't have the same views

Diane Abbott


It's hard to keep with who's in and out - and back in again in Ukip's case - in politics these days... just ask the party leader who kept name checking a mysterious person during the leaders debate.


Paul Nuttall


She may be a difficult woman, but the Prime Minister knows where she stands at at home, she revealed on the One Show.

There’s boy jobs and girl jobs

Theresa May


And the voice of a nation...

You're joking. Not another one

Brenda from Bristol

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