Corbyn will win with a landslide, according to poll of drunk people

Helen Cahill
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Leader Of The Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn Casts His Vote In The 2017 General Election
Corbyn casts his vote in Islington (Source: Getty)

Possibly the least trustworthy poll of all the untrustworthy polls has predicted a Labour win.

Most of the polls have been telling us the Conservatives will be bringing home some kind of victory this evening.

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But the Labour leader has come top of at least one poll: a poll of drunk people.

Craft brewer BrewDog has been handing out beer to people on streets across the country and asking them who will win the General Election.

And it seems drunk hipsters are forecasting a landslide victory for the jam-making Labour man from Islington.

They think he will march home with 56 per cent of the vote. The Tories, meanwhile, are predicted to get just 17 per cent of the vote.

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But, before you scoff at the drunk poll, remember: the sober polls haven't been particularly lucid either.

Polling guru Nate Silver tweeted yesterday that there was "definitely no herding toward a consensus in the final UK polls", pointing out the range of results that have been predicted:

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: "Whatever your views, whatever your status, every vote was created equal. An election is a key moment for those that feel marginalised or under-represented to stand up and be counted.

"We wanted to raise a glass to those making their voices heard today."

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