Common mistakes Android app developers make


Your app should work seamlessly across all Android devices. (Source:

Android is an incredibly popular platform, and it is both growing and improving all the time. Android's openness must surely be the reason for its market development and continual innovation. The openness of Android also leaves the platform susceptible to segmentation. Segmentation can be a pitfall even to veteran developers.

We want you to avoid the common mistakes many developers make when it comes to the Android platform. An appScatter account will provide you with the information to track the performance of your app in the marketplace. Let us consider some common mistakes that might stop your app getting there in the first place.

Lack of adaptability

Perhaps the foremost mistake app developers will make a lack of adaptability. In the varied Android field, your app must be adaptable if it is to survive. Do not just write your app for your device. Identify and utilise adaptability resources. You will encounter bugs. Many of them will originate in logic errors. While these errors are annoying to deal, you can overcome them. Your app should work seamlessly across all Android devices.

Poor power conservation

A principal area of concern is battery life. Power consumption is well-established as a pain point for mobile users. Make efforts to determine how demanding your app will be on the average device and try to work against excessive consumption.

Confusing the user interface

Android has a particular UI, and while you should not shy away from innovation, you should strive to keep your app in sympathy with Android's design aesthetic. Do not attempt to ape another UI. Play to the strengths of your platform. Users will appreciate it.

Not Asking for the Help You Need

If you need help ask for it. The Android development sphere is enormous and full of friendly faces. Other individual developers, teams and entire businesses are waiting to help you realise your app ideas. Do not hold back from investigating their potential. Advice, outsourcing aspects of development, marketing services and ASO are just some of the options.

Overloading on Images

Images are important, but if you load your app with a preponderance of large image files, your app will slow dramatically. RAM is at a premium on many Android devices, so you are going to be fighting a fierce battle to conserve memory. You want your app to be running painlessly, not encumbered and heavy-footed. To achieve such fleetness, do all you can to lighten the load. Review your bitmap necessities and trim where possible.

Data At Your Fingertips

The app development process reinforces the benefit of having adequate data. From the starting point of this blog, take on more information, and you will see the positive results. By working to conserve battery power, you will not alienate users but rather earn their appreciation. This gratefulness will increase with a well-accorded UI and an application that runs smoothly, regardless of device.

Getting the data you need does not have to end with the development process. An appScatter account will continue the flow of useful data, with real-time tracking of your app, your competitors, and the top 50 app stores worldwide.

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