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Why have a video for your mobile app?

Max Smith
Video content currently accounts for over half of mobile traffic. (Source:

As an app developer, you will appreciate the importance of visual engagement. You no doubt put much thought into the appearance of your app, knowing how important it would be in shaping people's response and desire to use your app.

A vital next step in creating interest among potential users is by crafting a video preview. You may have already given thought to such a video. As you monitor your app, by use of your appScatter account, analyse the effects of a video preview on the app's download performance. Indications across the industry as a whole point to video previews as being a significant driving force in downloads. Your appsScatter account will enable you to track not only app but also you competitor's apps, allowing you to assess the matter accurately.

The impact of visual media

Video content currently accounts for over half of mobile traffic, with it set to reach three-quarters of traffic by 2020. We are a world of video-watchers, and we should recognise this in the way we market our apps.

In both the launch phase and sustained marketing efforts, a video has enormous potential to reach out and grab people's attention. One estimate puts the impact of a preview video as an 85 per cent increase in downloads. No app developer can afford to overlook app video snippets, and this article will present some tips on how to get started.

The purpose of video previews

First, get a handle on what your video is trying to achieve. You are trying to get potential customers to download your app. For customers to download, they must know the point of your app and have their interest aroused. You are convincing them why it's worth their time to download and invest themselves in your handiwork.

To gain user curiosity and funnel that interest into a download requires the correct approach. As the developer, you know your app like no one else. As such, you are ideally placed to make a great video that will not be a dry tech demo, but rather an engaging insight into how your app is about to enrich people's lives.

The exact execution of the video will depend on the type of app and the target demographic, but there are some common aspects you will want to touch on regardless of your app category.

Compelling communication

Be visual. That may sound obvious, but it is all too easy to forget the golden rule of the medium; ‘Show don’t tell’. You have the ability to show people just how great your app is, so do so. There is a variety of video-capture software available, and this will enable you to demonstrate your app's practical benefits in a compelling way.

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