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Organic growth is one of the fundamental aspects of success for any app

Max Smith
Organic app marketing
Consider tactics to enhance organic growth. (Source:

Organic growth is one of the fundamental aspects of success for any app.

As an app developer, we hope you are already benefiting from an appScatter account. Such an account, with its comprehensive array of data, affords you the opportunity to make analysis and judgments from an informed perspective. As you track your app's performance, you will be able to observe first hand how organic growth is the basis for sustainable profitability.

Tactics to Enhance Organic Growth

As you track your app's marketplace performance, consider tactics to enhance organic growth. There are many possible variations and permutations in these tactics, but they boil down to a few elemental marketing concepts. Let us now consider three, and conclude by seeing how all can be magnified by the impact of the appScatter platform.

Incentivise reviews

First and foremost, encourage users to review your app. App reviews are vital to your app's download rate. You must understand, however, that the majority of people will be loath to spend their time working up a review without some form of incentive. How can you incentivise users to create the reviews you need? The incentive will depend on the app. Games offer perhaps the most obvious incentive solutions, extra lives, levels, skins; the list could go on. Take these examples and apply it to other forms of apps. Early access to updates may prove to be a compelling incentive, and will also supply an active body of beta testers.

Word of mouth

Next, think on how you encourage users to recommend your app to friends, family, and colleagues. Word of mouth is golden. Do everything in your power to reward recommenders. As you incentivise reviewers, seek out approaches that will incentivise recommendations. Think over ideas to make reviewers and recommenders feel special; make them feel like part of a special club.

Your social media perception

Thirdly, conduct all your strategies through the agency of social media. Social media is not an appendix of your app's success story; it is the narrator. Make people aware of what your app does, how it does it, and why it will make such a difference to their life.

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