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Your app needs a good reputation if you want your marketing efforts to pay

Max Smith
mobile app marketing
A lack of interest means an app will rapidly sink without a trace. (Source:

App marketing relies on your app having a good reputation, not only among your target demographic but the broader app user-base too.

Practically the entire discussion of your app will be online; that is where your reputation will be won or lost. It is a binary state, victory or defeat. A stalemate in the app marketplace is a lack of interest, and a lack of interest means an app will rapidly sink without a trace.

A Fully Integrated Mobile Platform

The vast nature of online discussions, often spread across a number of social media platforms and message boards, makes keeping track of the online chatter about a particular app a significant challenge. To overcome this difficulty, many tools have been designed to help app marketers and developers monitor the state of their app's online reputation. While these have their strong points, the appScatter mobile strategy platform is a fully-integrated approach that delivers unique levels of monitoring and distribution power.

Several of the currently available tools offer a limited amount of performance tracking, welded to a degree of data analysis. What can appScatter do? It is far more than a mere watch list, but a suite of high-functionality of tools. We invite you to examine these tools, and you will be delighted at their depth of application. You will be able to track your app's performance and receive a wealth of analysis, opening a window into the marketplace and the opinions of users. The power of the appScatter platform goes beyond this point, however, by offering the insights made possible by our ASO tools. The appScatter toolset allows global app store search results to be maximised and monitors not only user reviews, but also the feedback your app is generating on social media.

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