DEBATE: As the country goes to the polls today, which of the two main parties will deliver the best Brexit for Britain?

Source: Greg Sigston, City A.M.

As the country goes to the polls today, which of the two main parties will deliver the best Brexit for Britain?

CONSERVATIVE – Emma McClarkin, East Midlands MEP and the Conservative coordinator of the European Parliament International Trade Committee.

Only the Conservatives have a plan for Britain outside the EU. While other parties are confused about our future relationship with the Single Market, we are clear that a bespoke trade agreement is required, providing open access to Europe for our businesses. We have undertaken specific work on maintaining co-operation in important sectors like services and the digital economy. Theresa May's pragmatic approach to Brexit, has been welcomed in the European Parliament and she has spent 12 months preparing for the negotiations ahead. David Davis and his team pay regular visits to Brussels, meeting key EU figures and building relationships. In contrast shadow ministers have been nowhere to be seen. This is not a zero sum game. Our goal is to secure a deal that delivers prosperity for both the UK and the EU. But that is only the beginning. Conservatives envisage a global Britain signing trade deals around the world and which is a leader in science and innovation. Only the Conservatives have a leader strong enough to fight for the best outcome.

LABOUR – Brendan Chilton, Labour councillor and head of the Labour Leave campaign.

The official Labour party position was to campaign to remain in the EU, but Labour has fully accepted the democratic outcome of the referendum. Labour is for the many and not just the few, and so is our vision of Brexit. The party has campaigned to end freedom of movement, but also secure the best access to the Single Market. We will protect the rights of British subjects living in the EU, and of EU nationals living here. Brexit provides enormous opportunities for the UK. Labour will ensure that Britain builds a close new relationship with the EU, protecting workers’ rights and environmental standards. In a post-Brexit Britain led by Labour, we will enjoy a race to the top, not a race to the bottom. The Conservatives under Theresa May have not shown strong and stable leadership on any issue. If May could not face UK political leaders in an election debate, how on earth can she stand up to Brussels in the UK national interest?

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