General Election 2017: Here's what the party leaders are up to on the final leg of the campaign

Helen Cahill
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The UK goes to the polls today (Source: Getty)

It's the final day of the campaign, and the party leaders will be up and down the country trying to convince voters to put them in Number 10 tomorrow.

So where will they be targeting in their final hours on the road?

The Conservatives

Prime Minister Theresa May is hitting the south east and east of England, as well as the Midlands. Hopefully she won't be running through any wheat fields.

She started her day in Smithfield Market mingling with butchers, but is now on more Tory-friendly turf, making small talk with pensioners at a bowls club in Hampshire.


Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be going on an exhausting journey, travelling from Glasgow this morning to a final rally in Islington this evening.

But, his home secretary has had to step aside for the final stretch: this morning, the party announced Diane Abbot has been replaced due to ill health.

Liberal Democrats

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron started early this morning, with a trip to a German cafe in Solihull at 6.15am to talk about the dangers of Brexit, because who doesn't want to talk about Brexit first thing?

Then, he will be stopping off at a pub in St Albans, and visitng Vince Cable in Twickenham, before heading to Carshalton & Wallington in south London. He will then hit Bath, and end his day in Oxford.

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