From an office sauna to paid puppy leave: Here are the UK's best employee perks for 2017

Rebecca Smith
You mean your office doesn't have a sauna?
You mean your office doesn't have a sauna? (Source: Getty)

Employee perks are becoming a battleground on which top talent can be won or lost.

And you better believe some firms are taking them very seriously. So seriously in fact, that Glassdoor has unveiled its 2017 list of the UK's top employee perks, spanning everything from regular free tickets to the West End to "paid puppy leave". That's a week of paid holiday to help your new dog settle in FYI.

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Now that particular perk is offered at craft beer maker BrewDog, which takes the third spot on the list, trumped by TransferWise's built-in office sauna and Hotjar's gift of €4,000 (£3,495) to its employees so they can build their own office space at home.

Over a third of people said perks at work were the most important consideration before accepting a job, according to Glassdoor, and amid a fight for talent, firms are getting more inventive when it comes to what's on offer.

Here's a roundup of some of the UK's best employee perks:

Company Perk
1. Hotjar €4,000 given to employees to build their own office space at home
2. TransferWise A built-in office sauna for all employees to use
3. BrewDog Paid puppy leave - a week of paid holiday to help your dogs settle in
4. Winton A "food evangelist" is on hand to give employees advice on the best food to suit their needs
5. Staff have been moved to a renovated castle featuring a Star Wars-themed cinema room
6. VisitBritain Free West End theatre tickets
7. JustEat Free food and drink every Friday with a DJ
8. Cloudreach Employees get given "secret holidays" across Europe and North America
9. Buzzfeed UK British musical talent comes to the office to perform every Thursday
10. Expedia UK Wellness allowance - £400 to £1,200 to spend on fitness-related items from gym memberships to running shoes
11. UKFast Wedding leave - an extra paid week off when employees get married, and a £10,000 bonus for ten years at the company
12. Smarkets Self-management - you come in when you want and decide what to work on
13. Yell An uncapped commission structure - earn as much as you can
14. Harrods 33 per cent discount on all items and 50 per cent discount on business attire
15. Facebook Assistance for adoption or surrogacy, and "baby cash" for newborn expenses
16. Qubit Weekly yoga, meditation and pilates classes
17. ZPG Interest free loans for home improvements or weddings
18. WorldFirst An arcade machine with classic games
19. Phoenix Partnership Annual sailing trips to locations across the globe
20. Mind Gym Free cocktails every Friday

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