Spreadbetter Sporting Index projects Tory majority with Labour surge "too little too late"

Caitlin Morrison
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Will Theresa May's Tories win a majority? (Source: Getty)

Spreadbetting firm Sporting Index is predicting a majority for the Conservatives in this week's General Election, despite a recent strong showing from Labour.

Sporting Index said the surge by Jeremy Corbyn's party was "too little too late", and won't be enough to stop the Tories from winning an overall majority with 362 seats – while Labour is projected to record its worst election result with just 207 seats.

However, the spreadbetter added: "The current prediction of 207 red constituencies is way up on pre-campaigning forecasts of just 170. Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity has surged since 5 May, with the prediction on his party’s seats rising an astonishing 40 per cent."

Sporting Index previously had the Tories on course to smash Margaret Thatcher’s 1983 haul with a record 405 seats, but a raft of selling has forced that commanding figure down 11 per cent to a current mark of 362.

The spreadbetting firm's projections are at odds with the latest polling data, which has the Tories failing to reach an overall majority, with just 11 points between the Conservative and Labour parties.

"The election is still Theresa May’s to lose but the momentum is undoubtedly with Jeremy Corbyn," said Sporting Index's political trading spokesperson, Ed Fulton.

"The latest spread betting figures would get Theresa May over the line with 362 seats, but Labour have surged 40 per cent since campaigning started and any further boost could propel us towards a hung parliament.

"As it stands, Jeremy Corbyn is about to lead his party into its worst ever election result with just 207 seats. It’s tough reading for the Lib Dems too, with today’s spread showing just 12 seats will be yellow once the votes are counted."

(Source: Sporting Index)

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