Apple HomePod and more: The five most important things Apple launched at WWDC 2017 that you need to know about

Lynsey Barber
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Keynote Address Opens Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
Tim Cook had many treats ready for Apple fans (Source: Getty)

There was a veritable feast of announcements at Apple's developer conference and we've rounded up the best.

1. HomePod bound

Yes, Amazon got there first and Google's been doing it for some time too, but the rumoured Apple smart home speaker is indeed a reality. It may not be first but Apple always does it better. Have they done that this time? Get the scoop and make up your own mind here.

Bonus - here's what tech analysts made of it.

2. Send money to your mate via an iPhone message

Apple made a major fintech play that shouldn't be underestimated. Remember when the Apple Pay really got things going in paying by smartphone? Well it might be about to do the same when it comes to peer-to-peer payments

3. iPad... or PC?

Sales of iPads are hardly what keeps Apple afloat, but they're still iterating and clearly have some plans up their sleeves about how you might use a new mid-sized iPad Pro.

4. BFFs with Amazon

Apple might be rivalling Amazon with the HomePod, but its making friends with the fellow tech giant elsewhere and helping it keep ahead of Netflix: Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV.

5. The future

Everyone's talking about virtual and augmented reality, and now, so is Apple. In its update on the next operating system to hit iPhones - iOS 11 - new tools will be given to developers to create AR apps. Now that's something to look forward to... move over Pokemon Go.

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