iPad Pro: Everything you need to know about Apple's new 10.5 inch tablet

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Apple's iPad Pro comes with new features when updated with iOS 11 (Source: Getty)

Apple has added a new iPad Pro to its range that's perfect if you thought its existing ones were either too big or too small.

The new 10.5 inch model, joining the existing 9.7 and 12.9 inch ones, also brings with it some new features that will come in the larger size.

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The iPad, unveiled at Apple's developer conference WWDC, will go on sale next week and is already available for pre-order.

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The model is apparently 20 per cent larger than the 9.7 inch model but weighs the same. It comes with a full-size keyboard and a 120HZ refresh rate making using it a smoother experience.

WATCH: The 10.5 inch iPad Pro in action

It will also get updates with iOS 11, coming later this year. That includes a drag and drop feature familiar on desktop computers, as well as a file system.

The new iPad comes with the same camera as the iPhone 7 and can record high definition video for the first time.

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- 10 hour battery life

- 12 megapixel camera

- 4k video editing

- Weighs less than one pound

- 64GB


- 10.5 inch starts at $649

- 12.9 inch starts at $799

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