iOS 11 will bring peer-to-peer payment to Apple Pay taking on PayPal and Square in a major fintech play

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Apple's Pay update brings peer-to-peer payment in iOS11 (Source: Getty)

Apple just seriously upped its Apple Pay game taking on the likes of PayPal and Square in the process.

iOS 11, Apple's upcoming operating system for iPhones, will bring with it peer-to-peer payments ie. letting users send money to each other using only a text message.

It's an area of payments dominated by PayPal in the US - its Venmo app processes more than $1bn of payments a month. And Square, the payments startup of Jack Dorsey, has Square Cash in the US.

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Both are used for things like paying someone back that fiver you owe or paying your share of dinner.

In the UK it has yet to take off as much, but startup Circle has been working on it.

Here's what analysts said:

Apple first announced Apple Pay was coming to the UK at its developer conference WWDC in 2015, and then that it would support paying on websites in 2016. Now at WWDC 2017, the company said it's adding the third string of peer-to-peer payments to its bow.

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