Voters say Theresa May is "competent" but Jeremy Corbyn has the edge on "trustworthiness"

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Theresa May Resumes The Conservative Party Election Campaign
The UK will head to the polls on 8 June. (Source: Getty)

Polls have shown the race for Number 10 getting closer and closer in the last few weeks, but Conservative leader Theresa May appears to have the advantage when voters are asked to rate her personality.

A new study shows May is coming out on top in how she is perceived, with her brand defeating her political rivals.

Research from Alliance Manchester Business School asked almost 600 voters to rate the leaders based on a range of 24 attributes in late May.

The figures show that Labour leader Corbyn has a slight edge in the numbers of voters who describe either figure as “trustworthy”, but May is close behind.

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And the Tory leader is streets ahead in the numbers who think she is “competent”, and the same is true when Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon are also included.

Gary Davies, professor of strategy at the business school told City A.M. that these impressions often matter more than actual policy when it comes to votes.

“The big surprise for me was how much more competent she was seen than the other three. It's what the Conservatives seem to be relying on and more often than not, people will vote on image rather than policy,” he said.

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