WWDC 2017: How, where and what time to watch the livestream of Apple chief Tim Cook's keynote - and what to expect (hint: Siri and iOS11)

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Siri, iOS 11 and other updates are expected from Apple at WWDC (Source: Getty)

It's that time of year again: Apple's annual conference for developers is here - and it's not just for geeks.

WWDC is where chief executive Tim Cook and Apple's other top executives reveal its secret plans.

Don't get your hopes up for a new iPhone (that's later in the year), but major new features of iOS across devices are what's in store. More what your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch will be able to do than the hardware itself.

Last year we had instant emojis added to iMessage, Apple Pay added to online shopping, and opened many of its previously closed parts open to third party developers.

What time will it take place?

WWDC kicks off at 10am in California - that's 6pm in the UK.

How do I watch?

Apple love to share their events and anyone can live stream the keynote as it happens online here. Make sure you've got an Apple device to watch it on though.

What should I watch out for?

We've had Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo steal the show at CES and then Google's comeback with Google Home and Assistant at MWC, but now Apple is joining the voice assistant wars.

Yep, it's already had Siri for quite some time, but it's expected to unveil plans to expand how the helper works with different apps - it's currently limited to only a handful. And it could even jump fully in with its own speaker, rumour has it.

Also coming down the pipeline is iOS11 - already eagle-eyed Apple fans have spotted a new developer app called Files, though only a placeholder listing for it, requiring the new operating system.

There's also expected to be new operating systems for Mac and for Apple TV.

Apple has remained tight-lipped on the new features which might appear across all

There is even speculation that a new iPad Pro could be unveiled fulfilling the appetite of anyone hungry for a shiny new Apple device.

The online Apple Store is currently down fuelling speculation of the products that might be added.

We'll keep you up to date with everything that happens as it's announced here.

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