London Bridge attacks: US mayors heap praise on Sadiq Khan in face of Trump criticism

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US mayors praised the London mayor and the Metropolitan Police for how they dealt with Saturday's terror attack (Source: Getty)

London mayor Sadiq Khan has received the backing of his US counterparts, alongside praise for his leadership following the London Bridge attacks on Saturday night.

The US Conference of Mayors, the official body representing cities with a population larger than 30,000, today said it stands "united with Mayor Sadiq Khan of London and the people of London".

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Chief executive and executive director Tom Cochran said:

The mayors of the USA who haven't had a terrorist attack know full well that in today's age of terrorist actions, domestic and international, an attack could happen in their city.

And the mayors of the USA whose cities have been hit with an attack of hate and murder have an even more personal feeling for London Mayor Khan. We commend him for his statement today.

He has risen above this crisis of death and destruction, as mayors continue to do, to alleviate fear, to bring comfort to his people of London and to give support to the first responders who continue to protect, defend and provide emergency care to his people of London.

Thank you, Mayor Khan, for your leadership during this crisis.

The support from across the Atlantic comes in the wake of comments by US President Donald Trump on social media that followed Khan's appeal for Londoners to not be alarmed by an increased police presence on Sunday.

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“At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack,” Trump wrote on his personal Twitter account, “and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’”

Meanwhile, Cochran today sent condolences to those killed or injured in the attacks and added:

"We send praise and absolute respect for the police officers who responded with 8 minutes to kill all three of the London Bridge terrorist murderers."

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