General Election 2017: Latest poll shows Tories lead by 11 points but will not gain overall majority

Caitlin Morrison
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The Tories are on track to lose seats, polls show (Source: Getty)

Theresa May's Conservative party is seen winning 305 seats in this week's General Election - 21 short of the 326 needed for an overall majority, according to the latest poll from YouGov.

That result would represent a loss of 25 seats for the Tories, and a further dip from the 308 seats they were forecast to win in YouGov figures released on Saturday.

The latest figures have Labour projected to win 268 seats, and increase on a prediction of 261 over the weekend.

However, despite polls indicating that Labour is closing the gap with the Tories, research compiled by City firm FTI Consulting suggests Labour supporters remain less likely to show up on polling day.

The data from FTI shows that while 93 per cent of Conservative voters interviewed said they would definitely vote, just 88 per cent said the same for Labour.

Election campaigning resumed today, having been suspended in the aftermath of the terror attack at London Bridge on Saturday evening, in which seven people were killed.

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