Culture secretary Karen Bradley does a Diane Abbott when asked about armed police numbers

Caitlin Morrison
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Karen Bradley is the UK's culture secretary (Source: Getty)

Culture secretary Karen Bradley has "done a Diane Abbott" on live TV today, when she failed to answer questions over armed police in the wake of Saturday's terror attack.

Bradley was unable to tell Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid whether the number of armed police in the UK had gone up in recent years.

Morgan asked Bradley if she knew whether the number of armed police in the country had gone up or down in the past six years. She answered: "What I'm interested in is making sure we have the right resources, the right powers and the right training and capabilities.

"I am assured by the police that they have that to deal with the counter-terrorism threat but we need to look, learn lessons and make sure that we act where appropriate, and we need a leader who is prepared to take those decisions, and that is Theresa May."

Her failure to come up with an answer echoed a recent radio interview with the shadow home secretary during which the Labour MP for Hackney North made a mess of answering questions about the costs of the party's plans for 10,000 new police officers.

Labour has said it would find money to recruit the cops by reversing cuts to capital gains tax, but Abbott was unable to explain exactly how much cash would be raised. She initially suggested the party could recruit the officers for a total of £300,000, equivalent to a cost of £30 each, before backtracking live on LBC radio.

"I mean...sorry. They will cost...they will, it will cost...erm...about £80m," she said.

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