Nigel Farage says the Conservatives' chances in South Thanet "are now very slim" after the CPS charged Craig Mackinlay over election expenses

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Nigel Farage Campaigns With Clacton's UKIP Candidate
Farage is campaigning in Clacton today (Source: Getty)

Nigel Farage has said the Conservative party's chances in South Thanet are now "very slim" after its candidate was charged over his 2015 election expenses.

Farage lost out to Craig Mackinlay in South Thanet at the last election. Now, Mackinlay has been charged by the CPS in its investigation over his 2015 campaign expenses.

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Campaigning in Clacton today, Farage said the election race in South Thanet for the vote on 8 June was a "straight fight now between Ukip and the Labour party".

Mackinlay, who was deputy leader of Ukip for some time in the 1990s before joining the Tory party, beat Farage in South Thanet with a 2,812 vote majority.

He will still stand in this election and will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court, along with two aides, on 4 July.

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The Conservative party said the allegations are "unfounded". Several other Conservative candidates have already been cleared of any wrongdoing by the CPS in its probe of election spending.

Farage also said Prime Minister Theresa May had become the Tory party's "biggest liability".

"I think as the campaign has gone on, she has gone from being their biggest asset to being their biggest liability," he said. "It's quite tough to believe anything she says."

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