Employees lose faith in their managers after a year in work

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As anyone who has spent time in a management role will tell you, being the boss can be a thankless task. But now a new study has revealed just how tough it can be - with workers losing faith in their managers after just a year in the job.

The study, by salary benchmarking site Emolument, found while 59 per cent of those in the first year of their careers said their manager had helped them become successful, that support dwindles as people climb the career ladder.

By the end of the fifth year in work, fewer than half of workers said their manager was helping them achieve success, while after 15 years, that figure fell to just 24 per cent.

And it seems the larger the business, the more encouraged by the management employees were. While just 29 per cent of people in companies with fewer than 10 employees said their manager was helping them achieve success, in medium sized firms (those with 50-250 workers), 39 per cent saying they were happy with their manager.

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Meanwhile, those in the compliance sector were most enthusiastic about their managers' mentoring, with 48 per cent saying they were helping them to achieve success. That was followed by HR, with 46 per cent, and engineering, with 40 per cent.

At the bottom end of the scale was project management, where just 21 per cent felt supported by their bosses, followed by data analysis, at 23 per cent, while support functions and executive management were tied, at 28 per cent.

'With many traditional industries such as accounting, consulting and even the financial sector, struggling to attract and retain young professionals, a huge emphasis is placed on caring for junior staff with year-round learning programmes to develop new skills, mentorship initiatives, charity projects and constant dialogue and feedback instead of the outdated annual 360 review," said Alice Leguay, Emolument's co-founder.

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