The number of people planning to vote tactically in this election has more than doubled

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You guessed it: A third of kippers say they will vote tactically (Source: Getty)

The number of people planning to tactically vote has more than doubled since 2015 - and one group of voters is disproportionately likely to indulge, new figures have shown.

A study by the Electoral Reform Society found 20 per cent of voters are planning tactical moves when they enter the booth on 8 June, compared with nine per cent who did it last time.

Meanwhile, 58 per cent said they will vote for the candidate or party they most prefer.

And Ukip voters are more likely than anyone else to vote tactically, with a third of those who voted for the party in 2015 saying they will vote for the candidate best positioned to block another representative they don't like, rather than their preferred candidate.

At the other end of the scale were SNP voters, with just six per cent saying they will vote tactically next week.

"A huge proportion of people [are] having to hold their nose and opt for a ‘lesser evil’ rather than who they actually support – and a significant and worrying rise on the last election," said Darren Hughes, the society's deputy chief executive.

The news came as polls showed the Conservatives' gain over Labour, which at one point stood at 21 points, had fallen considerably, prompting bookies to offer odds for Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd to become the next Prime Minister.

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Best for Britain?

In April Brexit campaigner Gina Miller made headlines when she said her crowdfunded tactical voting campaign, Best for Britain, had raised £300,000 in a week.

"Only tactical voting in this election can ensure that parliament plays its full role in the future of this country," she told a crowd at its launch.

"Achieving what is best for Britain needs thoughtful responsible leadership from whoever is elected as Prime Minister and a strong effective parliament to hold that Prime Minister to account."

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