Theresa May's Conservatives have surged ahead in donations received since launching their manifesto

Mark Sands
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The UK will head to the polls on 8 June (Source: Getty)

Despite the polls tightening ahead of next week's election, Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives have surged ahead in the latest round of weekly donations data published by the Electoral Commission.

The Tories took more than 10 times the sum handed to Labour for the week ending 23 May, with a total of £3.8m.

By contrast, Labour pocketed just £331,499 in the same period.

The surge in funding came after both sides launched their manifestos, although Labour's plans suffered after election documents were leaked early, while May's own plans faced tough criticism centred on what critics branded a "dementia tax".

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It represents the latest round of donation figures, with six in total expected to be published by the election watchdog.

The final two sets of figures will emerge after next week's election.

The data also shows a slump in funding or Ukip, which took in just £16,300, less than half of last week's total, while the Women's Equality Party recorded a surprising surge to take in £71,552.

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