Horse vs horsepower: McLaren Sports Series takes on professional Polo steed in first past the post race

McLaren Sports Series car takes on polo horse in 50m race
Is a McLaren sports car faster than a horse? Yes.

City A.M. is partnering with Chesterton's Polo in the Park 2017 to celebrate two of the City's favourite past-times: horses and racing cars.

This year, Polo in the Park teamed up with McLaren racing driver Euan Hankey and England Polo player George Meyrick to find out which 'engine' is quicker over 50m; a one (real) horsepower Polo pony or a McLaren Sports Series 570S.

The sports stars took to the famous Top Gear circuit at Dunsfold to battle it out and claim the horsepower bragging (or should that be braying) rights, as well as a magnum of champagne to celebrate.

To add to the challenge, the track included a tricky hair pin turn at half-way, so control and acceleration - key features in a Polo match - were crucial.

Watch the video below:

The event takes place later this month on 9, 10 and 11 June.

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