Theresa May has backed Brexit voters in a pitch direct to Eurosceptics delivered in the north east

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The UK will head to the polls on 8 June. (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister Theresa May has backed the UK's Brexit voters, claiming the voting public chose to quit the EU "with their eyes open".

In a pitch aimed directly at Eurosceptics and Brexiteers from a warehouse in Middlesbrough, the Conservative leader said that voters were aware of the risks of exiting the trading bloc.

"They knew that it would not be straightforward. They knew the road ahead may be uncertain. But they believed that it would lead towards a brighter future for their children - and their grandchildren too," May said.

"So with determination and characteristically British quiet resolve, they defied the establishment, ignored the threats and made their voice heard."

May was seeking to lay out her positive vision for the UK outside of the EU and discussing the "enormous" opportunities for the future of the country.

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May's optimism on Brexit contrasts with a speech from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn later today, which is expected to warn of the Tories' "reckless" approach, and will hit out at the willingness to quit the EU on "no deal" terms.

Instead, the Conservative leader sought to deliver a positive vision, stating: "If we get Brexit right, I am confident that that future will be bright."

May said the UK would ink new trade deals around the globe, boosting the UK economy, stating that discussions on future trade are already underway with Australia, New Zealand and India, adding that China, Brazil, the UK and Gulf states have expressed interest in rapid trade deals.

May also returned to some of the themes she has favoured since becoming Prime Minister, talking about equality of opportunity in the UK, even aping Labour's own campaign slogan of "for the many, not the few".

Her government, she said, would deliver "a country that works - not just for a privileged few - but for everyone”.

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