These are the funniest tweets from last night's BBC election debate

Helen Cahill
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The BBC Leader's Debate Takes Place In Cambridge
Tim Farron's weird victory jump (Source: Getty)

A loud, left-wing audience, squabbling party leaders, and no Prime Minister - last night's BBC election debate went pretty much how we thought it would go.

But, thankfully, the Twittersphere was as dependable as ever, and made a dull evening slightly more bearable.

The Prime Minister was, of course, taken to task for not turning up:

But you know you're really in trouble when Frank Underwood rips into you:

But Theresa May's absence wasn't the only thing to get people laughing:

As usual, the subtitles provided plenty of entertainment:

And the BBC's confusion over who was who:

But for anyone who wants the real stats on the debate, here's what people tweeted about most:

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