Angry Noel Edmonds sets up Lloyds countdown clock as he seeks HBOS compensation

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Noel Edmonds hosted Channel 4 show Deal Or No Deal

Noel Edmonds has stepped up his fight against Lloyds Banking Group, setting up an “honesty countdown” website.

The former Deal Or No Deal host is demanding an estimated £73m in compensation from the bank over the HBOS scandal.

He alleges that HBOS and its former employee Mark Dobson destroyed his former business, Unique Group.

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Edmonds has written letters to both chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio and Lord Blackwell this month demanding action.

And now he has set up a website featuring quotes from both of them, “”.

He quotes Horta-Osorio saying:

Lloyds is “absolutely determined” victims are “fairly, swiftly and appropriately compensated”

And Blackwell:

Compensation will be paid quickly-“ by quickly I mean weeks rather than months”

Edmonds is one of a number of alleged HBOS victims who are demanding compensation from the group.

The bank estimates that victims will be compensated by the end of June. The website countdown clock goes to the end of June.

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