Donald Trump's covfefe tweet: Best Twitter reactions to US President's slip of the thumb

Caitlin Morrison
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"Covfefe" - a new word, coined by Donald Trump (Source: Getty)

Word of the day: Covfefe. No, we don't know what it means either.

Donald Trump's Twitter is always near the top of the news agenda: whether he's accusing his predecessor - and Britain - of spying on him, or clapping back at Germany with a 140-character musing, the social media platform is well known to be one of his favourite means for communicating with the public.

Today, his tweets are the centre of attention for a different reason - he's apparently started making up words.

In the early hours of this morning (late last night in US time), Trump tweeted the following:

Despite the constant negative press covfefe

The tweet has since been deleted (although it had been up for six hours by the time it was taken down), so here's a screenshot:

His fellow tweeters were delighted, if baffled, by the President's message. Here's a roundup of some of the best reactions on Twitter:

The inevitable hair joke:

Could this new word make it into dictionaries next year?

Well, it's already made it into one dictionary:

Someone at least put a presidential spin on it:

Isn't covfefe really more of a state of mind?

Comedians bemoaned the fact that Trump is stealing their thunder:

The meme of the moment meets the word of the day:

But best of all, the confounding tweet provides the perfect opportunity for a Mean Girls reference:

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