General Election 2017: Sterling falls as poll shows Tories will fail to gain majority with Labour set to gain 28 seats

Helen Cahill
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Theresa May Campaigns In Lancashire And The West Midlands
The Conservative party has been set back in the polls (Source: Getty)

The pound has fallen after new polling data suggested the Conservatives might fail to gain an overall majority after the General Election.

Prior to the poll, it was widely expected that Prime Minister Theresa May would win a landslide majority on 8 June.

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However, a new forecast from YouGov, published in the Times, suggests the Tories could lose up to 30 seats in the next election, bringing them down to just 310 seats, short of the 326 seats required for a majority.

Meanwhile, the poll predicted Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party would gain an extra 28 seats.

Sterling fell by more than half a per cent on the news, and is now down by 0.41 per cent at $1.28 against the US dollar.

The Labour party has been making gains in the polls in recent days despite the Tory party upping its personal attacks on Corbyn and his ability to govern.

It is thought that the Conservatives have been set back by an unpopular policy on social care, which was dubbed a "dementia tax" by May's opponents.

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