Carpetright boss Wilf Walsh really wants you to know he doesn't run British Airways

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They might be wrong, but Carpetright's boss is clearing up things with BA passengers (Source: Getty)

One boss looks to the ground for business, the other normally looks to the skies - that is until the latter's share price and reputation took a nose dive over the weekend.

British Airways and its owner International Airlines Group (IAG) had a less than relaxing bank holiday after an IT malfunction grounded flights - and neither did its passengers.

And where do complaining customers turn when the computers hit the fan? Twitter of course. That's prompted one boss to get on the front foot - but perhaps not the one you'd think.

BA boss Alex Cruz, who didn't appear in media until the third day of the fiasco has apparently stayed silent on the social media platform, last retweeting someone complaining that a bird in the cockpit was a s**t reason for delays from the account @alex_cruz (though not verified) on 8 May.

But one top boss was keen to clear up any case of mistaken identity.

Carpetright chief executive Wilf Walsh tweeted on Monday: "BA passengers. For the avoidance of doubt, it's Wilf not Willie. WILF."

Willie Walsh, of course, being the top boss of BA owner IAG.

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