General Election 2017: The press gives its verdict on Paxman's TV interviews

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Party Leaders Appear On Live Televised Show 'May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10'
Theresa May answers questions from Jeremy Paxman (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's election promises came under scrutiny last night as the pair were grilled by a TV audience and interviewer Jeremy Paxman in a special programme for Sky News and Channel 4.

Both political parties have claimed victory after the showdown - here's the take from this morning's newspapers:

The Daily Telegraph

The Telegraph has chosen to focus on what Corbyn didn't say, pointing out that he refused to commit to drone strikes on terrorists planning a Manchester-style attack on the UK.

Daily Mail

The Mail noted May's attempt to return to Number 10 has been "dented in recent days" and that she used the debate to "contrast her tough reputation with Jeremy Corbyn's soft stance on Brexit".

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The Financial Times

The FT said that both candidates survived the "Paxman treatment", describing Corbyn as "relaxed". The paper said May "looked tense" when heckled on her cuts to the winter fuel allowance but that she "rallied when able to talk up her tough negotiating stance on Brexit".

The Times

The broadsheet thinks May was able to show a "firmer grasp of the detail" in the debate, but that she was "rattled at times" and was forced into "headmistress mode".

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The newpaper's front page today doesn't spotlight the debate, and instead looks ahead to the speech May will make later today on Brexit, saying she has shifted away from social care to "re-energise" her campaign.

The Guardian

The left-wing broadsheet focused on Corbyn denying that he is a dictator, and his insistence that the Labour manifesto was not a compromise.

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