General Election 2017: Scottish independence referendum in focus as SNP prepares to launch manifesto

Helen Cahill
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Nicola Sturgeon will set out her promises to the UK later today (Source: Getty)

The Scottish National Party (SNP) will today launch its General Election manifesto, having delayed publishing their election promises due to the Manchester attack.

The party is pledging to invest £118bn extra into public services and says it will give a "strong voice for Scotland at Westminster against Tory cuts".

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However, the focus will be on what the manifesto has to say about a second independence referendum in Scotland.

Speaking to Andrew Neil in an interview on the BBC on Sunday, Sturgeon said the General Election will not determine whether Scotland becomes an independent nation.

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However, she said: "I want Scotland to have a choice not now but at the end of the Brexit process when the options are clear."

Other promises expected from the manifesto include:

  • protecting the triple lock on pensions
  • stopping cuts to the winter fuel allowance
  • invest more in the NHS
  • removing pay cap on public sector wages
  • increase minimum wage to the same level as the living wage
  • support a 50 per cent tax rate on high earners across the UK

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